Investment and International Banking


Designed for the more experienced investment and international banker dealing with the strategic issues confronting both public and large private company CEOs and CFOs, the program provides a framework for:
  • The Business Agenda:  Understanding and defining the key priorities for the CEO and the CFO using both qualitative and quantitative metrics specific to public and private companies
  • Corporate Finance Relationship Planning: Positioning the bank as the provider of both investment and corporate banking solutions which enable the CEO and CFO to achieve their qualitative and quantitative objectives
  • Business and Financial Strategy Setting:  Positioning the investment and international banker’s role as a business strategist first, banker second so as to ensure that the CEO and CFO use the banker as their trusted financial and business advisor ahead of all others
  • Financial Architect:  Positioning of the investment and international banker as the effective financial architect of the client’s capital structure in designing an optimal structure of debt an equity to help finance the client’s long term business strategy at the optimal cost
  • Engineering the Capital Structure:  Developing the skills required to seamlessly integrate the bank’s capital raising solutions to ensure the appropriate blend between senior and junior debt and between debt and equity


Using actual case examples taken from the market or specific to the bank, the program will work through profiles which enable participants to use the skills of cash flow, deal structuring, and valuation analysis which position the bank to be the trusted advisor and capital provider of choice.
The program will also serve as a platform to enable participants to identify real life clients to whom such techniques can be applied on a day to day basis.