Corporate and Commercial Banking


Designed for the more experienced corporate and commercial banker dealing with the strategic issues confronting the private company owner and/or CEO, the program provides a framework for:
  • The Client’s Business Agenda:  Understanding and defining the key priorities for the business owner and the CEO
  • Corporate Finance Planning: Business opportunity identification which positions the bank to provide both commercial banking and corporate finance solutions to the client
  • Value Creation Strategies: Developing techniques to review the client’s past capital and asset allocation decisions and help identify opportunities ranging from improved working capital management to improved operating margin performance so as to create additional value for the privately held business
  • Financial Architecture and Engineering:  Optimal capital structuring using cash flow and debt capacity techniques to determine the optimal levels of debt required to enable the client to achieve their corporate finance goals and objectives
  • Relationship Planning: Developing conversational skills to help the client anticipate liquidity and refinancing risks and how the bank can offer corporate banking and corporate finance solutions to manage such refinancing risks


Using typical case profiles of a corporate and commercial banking client, the program enables participants to review the critical disciplines of corporate finance when dealing with the most important priorities on a CEO or business owner’s agenda.

The program provides the participants with a conversational, yet sufficiently detailed understanding of the key principles which underlie corporate valuation, change of ownership, sources of capital and capital structure, and how these principles can be integrated seamlessly to form the basis of a value creation discussion with the business owner.