Linda Gardner has over 35 years of experience as a banker and a trainer, and is the President of Credit Concepts.  Gardner has taught the full range of Pimley & Pimley’s corporate finance and credit curriculum at its major investment and commercial banking clients in the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.
Gardner began her career with Citibank, where she managed the treasury and accounting function for one of the corporations’ subsidiaries.  She moved to Citibank's Student Loan Business, where she managed the nationwide marketing and distribution programs for a $2 billion student loan portfolio.
Gardner became a Vice President in Commercial Lending at Citibank, where she created and managed a credit department for their middle market commercial loan business.  While at Citibank, Gardner was an adjunct faculty in Corporate Finance at several Upstate New York universities.
Her experience in banking and teaching led to the creation of Credit Concepts, a corporation providing the development and delivery of training in the financial services industry.  With a focus on credit risk management and corporate finance, Credit Concepts’ clients include financial institutions and manufacturing corporations, as well as bank regulators.
Gardner holds a BA from the University of Rochester, and an MBA from the Rochester Institute of Technology.